From Malta With Love: Airport Impressions come to PJ’s!

We’re delighted to announce that indie pop-rock band Airport Impressions, from Malta, will be coming to PJ’s on 6th September! Already a big name in the music scene in Malta, Airport Impressions are gaining international attention with their unique sound, as well as their powerful, passionate live performances.

As the band has grown from a duo to a four-piece, their individual and shared inspirations have combined to create a distinctive sound: a blend of pop, country, rock and folk. In particular, band members – Errol Sammut, Johann Schembri, Chris Curmi and Steve Farrugia – share a passion for traditional Irish music, and the influence of this genre can be heard in the records they’ve released to date. Their first album, Minutes of a Lifetime, was released in 2012, followed by the 12-track album Mariette in 2014 – which has received very positive reviews.

The band’s music is at its most energetic and emotive when performed live on stage, so we are thrilled to welcome this talented band Dunfermline for the very first time.

Airport Impressions have clocked up countless radio hits along the way, among them Borderline, Wake up, Walk with me and, more recently Hymns of June and Berlin. The road to nationwide success and their search for a sound that encompasses not only their individual influences, but also their collective aspiration, has brought with it some great experiences. As with all bands, there have been some trying moments to face along the way too, but the bond that exists within the Airport Impressions camp has proved strong enough to overcome every challenge, making the band a leading name in Malta’s music scene.

It may be a cliché, but there really is a particular chemistry within this band; a connection that goes beyond just making music that has been a major catalyst in singling out the defining characteristics that their music bears. Their passion, their energy and their knack for powerful melodies are equally evident in their live performances, whether at home or abroad. Favoured by the band even more than working in the studio, playing to a live audience is where it all comes together for Airport Impressions; the stage being that special place where the band can express more than the songs could ever tell.


This is a Free Entry gig at PJ’s. Support comes from Neil Morrison.

Doors 7pm-11pm